Thursday, May 19, 2011

end of the world, or start of a new day?

So many people now a days get caught up on the idea of all of the ideas that the worlds going to end this day or that day. Say we all perish in 2012, our lives will be unaffected. If you have faith then by the book you will go to heaven.. that is if you havent killed someone. I do not pay attention to any of this nonsensical clammour. I live my life without notice. My eyes ahead, no petty distractions like these miniscule things. If i die then i die with the satisfaction that i lived a full life. No recollection of any blotches in the time I have lived. The point im reaching at is, live life with a strong hand at your side. Never let death get in the way of living. As we all know, we all die at sometime, some shorter than others. Athough, it's not the length of time we share on this earth, it is the pure fact of how much of an impact we have made on our fellow friends, family, and strangers. Weather it be good or bad. This will be the main deciding factor on weather or not you will truely be satisfied with your life or not.


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